Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sipping Zevia Soda or Should I say Pop #Momsmeet

My family loves trying new things and recently we've been guzzling Zevia pop thanks to Momsmeet. We usually don't drink a lot of pop because of all the sugar and such, but Zevia is different. It's made with Stevia which means its sugar free. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mary Kay Clear Proof Acne System Review

I've been blessed with pretty good skin, and I have a simple skin regimen, but occasionally a pimple tries to show up on my forehead like I'm a teen or something! Don't you hate that?  I'm finally getting rid of one that has been hanging out for way too long. Ugh!

Glad I was given the chance to try out the Mary Kay System.  It comes with a Clarifying Cleanser, an Oil free moisturizer, a blemish control toner, and an acne treatment gel.  Unfortunately my kids are still having to deal with acne.  Especially my son.  So I decided that they could use the system more than I could.

Our thoughts

For me, I thought they system was fine.  I have really sensitive skin and usually Mary Kay cleansers break me out, but not this one.  No burning nor dryness to report.

Now for my son's results.  He has a lot of acne and I did notice that he seemed to break out more after using it.  Probably because your face seems to get worse before it gets better?  Not sure.  But he hasn't been using the and toner and acne gel.  I expect if he does all four steps, he may have better results.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer 2014: A Look Back

Summer vacation is finally coming to an end for us.  We have had lots of fun with family, but it seems like the playful season was just way too short!  Oh well. Here's a quick look back at some of our family adventures.

We spent at lot of time at our local lakes this year.  The beautiful weather and calming water were like a weekly sanctuary for us.

This year, we actually went to the Aquatennial festivities at Lake Calhoun, and it was pretty cool.  I think we'll make it an annual tradition.

Local parks were another place that we hung out at.  It was so cute to see my Gbaby playing, swinging, and swimming for the first time.

Grandbaby did not want anything to do with the cold water!

One of our outing was at the
Bakken Museum where the boys had fun playing mind games with each other.

Silliness at the Mall Of America's amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe.

How was your Summer?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bake All Naturally with Immaculate Baking Mixes

Any bakers in the house?  We love desserts in our home so when my family sees I'm whipping up something sweet, it's all smiles.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Look Back on My Favorite Summer Beauty Products

I know that Summer is on it's way out the door, but I wanted to share a few products that I have fell in love with this Summer. Besides, it's not technically Fall  until September 22nd, right?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tween Boy Back to School Essentials

I can't believe there are less than two weeks until school! Truth be told, neither does my son. We're still trying to hold onto what Summer we have left!
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